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Fun for the whole family

Sunscreen is really important, especially in the winter. The sun's rays are reflected off the snow, so any part of you that is exposed should be screened. Sunglasses, or better yet, shaded snow goggles, are imperative.


Snow blindness can cause long term or permanent damage to your eyes. Make sure you and your kiddos are well protected.

Throw yourself into the soft snow of Hokkaido and look up at the sky

Keep a first aid kit handy any time you are recreating outdoors, but in winter, it's a good idea to include chemical hand and foot warmers. They can be purchased individually or in bulk, and are inexpensive insurance against frostbite. If the sled hill gets too busy or you just need a break from climbing back up, there are toys that make and launch snowballs and snow grenades. There are molds for making snow bricks and blocks.

Diemtigtal Nature Park – local, wild, precious

You can have a snowball fight, build a fort, or build ramps and other features on your slope. These toys are available where you find snow tubes for sale. Think about bringing along camp chairs. A dry, warm place to sit and relax gives you a chance to regroup for the next round. Sitting on the snow lets you rest, but the cold will keep sapping your strength. Your snow day should be a day you remember forever.

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With a little common sense and planning, it will be remembered for the screaming fast fun it was and not for its frostbitten fury. July 03, Although it may seem simple, towing requires a bit of planning and safety precautions before you board your first pas Read More.

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June 18, Be sure to check them out and follo June 11, Water tubing behind a motorboat is one of the most fun and exciting ways to enjoy the water. To get the most out of y Menu 0. October 26, Snow Daaaaaay!!! The hot drink kit is simply: - A metal coffee pot - A single burner backpacking stove bring a lighter for the stove - A gallon jug of water - A plastic jar of assorted instant coffee, tea, and hot chocolate - Cups and spoons - A metal base tray - An insulated tote bag to carry it all, and keep your water from freezing 4 Keep it Cool in the Winter Sun- Safety Wherever You Go Sunscreen is really important, especially in the winter.

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Other Articles Safety Tips for Pulling Towables From Your Boat or Personal Watercraft July 03, Although it may seem simple, towing requires a bit of planning and safety precautions before you board your first pas Meet the Airhead Ambassador Team for ! However, as I look back on childhood I cannot help but feel that sledding was not at all that great. This feeling also comes with first-hand knowledge, as I embarrassingly admit, of my re-adventure into the world of sledding about a year ago.

As an year-old going sledding was most definitely not as fun as it was in childhood. That feeling of glory, gliding down that hill covered in beautiful white snow was a fallacy.

Ice-skating and sledding in the Isarco Valley – Fun is a must!

In fact, what sledding truly is is a glorified idea. The reality of sledding is not white snow, but semi-gray off-white mush. There is no gliding down hills, it is bumpy up and downs that most of the time leave you with a weird pain in your butt you kind of need to walk off. The giant red chariot is really just a piece of plastic from Costco that you hope doesn't break on you as you crash to the bottom of the make-shift hill you somehow found near your house.

Yet, if there is one good thing from sledding that has continued since childhood it is the workout of it.

Fun in the Snow/Sledding Safety

Those long walks up and down that hill have given us all enough leg days for a lifetime. So, this winter season instead of going sledding maybe we should all just stay inside and do what we all do best: binge-watch TV. Sledding, to me, is synonymous with disappointment. Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up!

Sledding Fun Sledding Fun
Sledding Fun Sledding Fun
Sledding Fun Sledding Fun
Sledding Fun Sledding Fun
Sledding Fun Sledding Fun
Sledding Fun Sledding Fun

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